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Meet The Team!

Liam Maddock, David Wox, Jacob Wox, Robbie Nelson, Mike Mulviel, Scully Nelson

Scully Nelson, Sparky Nelson

Leanne Nelson, Jo Nelson

Robbie Nelson

Robbie is our managing director here at WindowCraft. Day to day, Robbie's schedule is busy and varied as he works with suppliers, customers and external companies, in addition to carrying out installations with the rest of the team. Although his days are very hectic, he's always happy to have a good chinwag with our customers!

In the rare moments he has spare, Robbie enjoys to play golf and has over the years been a big part of the local football community. 

David Wox

David is our installations manager. His day to day role sees him carrying out and overseeing installations come rain or shine! David and Robbie were PVC installers many moons ago and decided to set up on their own leading to the start of WindowCraft! 

David has also spent many years playing in local football teams but has now hung up his football boots. David now prefers to spend his time walking his dogs and can also be found down at his allotment, or carrying out home improvements.

Mike Mulviel

Mike is our senior installer. Mike has been with the company for over 15 years and is highly experienced in his work. His day to day role involves carrying out installations of windows, doors, conservatories....Anything you throw at him really! 

Mike is another one who has spent time with the local football teams but has now decided a quiet spot fishing by a nice lake is a better way to spend his time!

Liam Maddock

Liam has been with us for just over a year, taking on the job of an installer. Day to day Liam assists with installations, and having worked hard over the past year he is becoming more confident and able in his work. Taking on a role like this (especially in the depths of winter) isn't the easiest, but you'll always find him with a smile on his face!

Liam has played professional golf with his skills taking him abroad to compete in different tournaments - he even set himself up a mini driving range here down at the unit!

Jacob Wox

Jacob started with WindowCraft at the beginning of 2021 as an installer. Since his arrival, at the age of just 17, Jacob has learnt and developed many skills to help him in his role. Jacob often receives compliments from customers about his attitude and personality - if anyone is likely to get an extra biscuit with his cup of tea - you can bet that it will be Jacob!

Jacob likes to keep himself fit, and in his spare time he can often be found in the gym...Either there or sat enjoying a really good cup of tea!

Jo Nelson

Jo is our office queen down at WindowCraft! She works tirelessly down at our unit handling all the phone calls, administrative duties and anything else that she finds to help out the team! She ensures everything is going to run smoothly for the team and handles any issues should they arise. 

In Jo's free time she enjoys taking the work dogs on their well deserved walks and on a weekend she will rarely say no to a bit of karaoke!

Leanne Nelson

Leanne is currently studying web design and social media marketing and has volunteered her time to WindowCraft to not only develop her skills but also to pull WindowCraft out of the dark ages with their technologies!

Leanne is like a female Peter Pan and enjoys the lighter side of life during her free time! This includes going to zoos, theme parks and especially a bit of shopping!

Scully & Sparky Nelson

Scully is our 8 year old springer spaniel, and more importantly the WindowCraft work dog! Scully takes great pride in this job - especially joining in with the morning team meetings! Scully has recently had an apprentice, Sparky, thrust upon him which (most of the time) is great fun! They both come to the showroom every day 9-3PM and love it when customers pop in to say hi!

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